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SAVi is strongly committed to the preservation and enhancement of our natural and built environments. Our innovative approaches use the safest and most environmentally responsible technology and methods available 

Chewing Gum - the Next Frontier



We are committed to litter reduction. So our aim is to help people understand the consequences of their poor litter behaviour. That is why our vehicles are designed to operate in public areas in full view of the people who use them



We are committed to making life easier and safer for both those who maintain and enjoy our public spaces and facilities. Our products incorporate state-of-the-art technology to ensure that maintaining our urban assets is a breeze



The PACER - Public Area Cleaning & Educational Resource

This award-winning, Australian-designed and built vehicle (previously known as the Gum Removal Vehicle) has been used to eradicate chewing gum and other forms of litter since 2009. However the new, more refined PACER is now being used for a range of other reasons.

One of these is its impact on changing public littering behaviour. Apart from cleaning and sanitizing our public areas, the highly-visible PACER draws strong attention from members of the public to the issues and damage caused by irresponsible litter behaviour.

The independently-documented results of this unique form of 'functional public education' have been outstanding and herald a new era in Australia's approach to litter reduction.

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The Glutton


The 'Glutton' - Silent Battery-Electric Urban Vacuum

We are very proud to be the Queensland distributors of the Belgian-built 'Glutton' battery-electric industrial vacuum.  This vehicle is a perfect complement to the PACER and shares many similar elements relating to functionality, environmental sensitivity and its impact in promoting better litter disposal behaviour.

Again, the Glutton is self-powered with the flexibilty to virtually 'go anywhere' without the necessity for trailing leads. The ease of its use enables the Glutton to safely collect volumes and types of litter in a way that have previously been impossible using other methods.

The Glutton's silent operation makes it a must for modern business and leisure precincts.

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June 2019 - Smart University Joins the 'Silent Revolution'

Our client. ISS Facility Services have just ordered a new Battery-Electric Glutton to service one of their valuable customers, the University of Western Australia.

We are finding that innovative vehicles such as the PACER and the Glutton are becoming very popular with universities and other learning institutions that want to provide a clean and quiet learning environment. They also want to be seen as leaders in technological innovation and environmentally-responsible leadership.


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